even the stones
are anarchist

2020 in ‘Out of body - This place is not my home’, detroit gallery, Stockholm
2020 in ‘ART SCHOOL DROPOUT?’, the Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm
2019 in ‘Hot & Kinky’, CinemaQueer International Film Festival, Stockholm
Audio only here

Please note

This piece presents an updated & translated version of the poem 'I want a president' by Zoe Lennard, into Swedish; 
It features an extract of an interview with Alok Menon-Vaid;
It also uses two music samples: one by +970 & one from 'idle talk' by iamamiwhoami.

The piece is not for commercial use.

The piece has taken many forms

• first commissioned by Cinemaqueer film festival for their event ‘Hot & kinky’/ produced for one of the dark rooms;
• later adapted to a sound performance for two group exhibitions in Stockholm (see excerpt here).
• parts were used during DJ sets